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Lab and Chromebook Sign Up

Computer Labs Protocol

  1. Absolutely no food or drinks of any kind, including water (there is a water fountain right outside in the hallway). This includes staff with coffee cups (specifically requested by our site technician).
  2. Have a seating chart for all classes so that students use the same computer each time.  If you use your roster and the provided seating map, this will make this less complicated for you.  Additionally, this will help to identify students who may cause damage or change settings.
  3. Circulate around the room. This will ensure that students are working on your assignments and not playing games or visiting inappropriate sites.
  4. If you are planning to print anything out, bring your own paper.  At the end of your visit, check the printer and remove any paper from the output tray.
  5. Have students clean up work space (straighten keyboard/mouse) and log out after each class period.
  6. Please ensure the labs are clean, free of debris/random papers, and all chairs are pushed in when your classes are done using the labs for the day.