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A-G Courses & College/Career Prepared

All of the IB courses are A-G which means that they meet college-entry requirements. In most cases, the IB class replaces the non-IB required course. For example, IB Language & Literature, a two-year course, replaces English III and English IV (ERWC).

IB courses 2021-22*

Almost all IB classes are a two-year sequence, except as stated below (click table for larger view).

IB course sequence

*as enrollment allows; in 20-21 school year the following classes were not offered: IB Bio Y1, IB Chem Y1, and IB Music


College and career indicator

One of the measures of California public schools is the College/Career Indicator reported on the California School Dashboard. There are a variety of ways students can officially meet the College/Career Indicator. The IB program is one of these ways. 

  1. If a student meets A-G eligibility and they earn an IB score of "4" or better on any one exam, they are C/C prepared.
  2. If a student does not meet A-G eligibility but they earn a "4" or better on any two IB exams, they are C/C prepared. 

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GPA Boost (grade bump)

Being advanced academic courses, many IB classes provide students with a GPA boost, also referred to as a "grade bump". This is one of the ways for the MDUSD and colleges to recognize that students are completing near college-level work in these IB courses. The following IB classes at YVHS are designated Honors level by the University of California and The California State University systems:

  • IB Language & Literature Higher Level (fulfills English requirement) 
  • IB French Standard Level 
  • IB Spanish Standard Level
  • IB Spanish Higher Level
  • IB History of the Americas Higher Level (fulfills US History and Gov/Econ requirement)
  • IB Biology Higher Level 
  • IB Chemistry Standard Level
  • IB Environmental Systems & Societies Standard Level (interdisciplinary science; one-year class)
  • IB Psychology Standard Level
  • IB Visual Arts Higher Level
  • IB Music Standard Level


Possible College Credit

One of the reasons the IB Diploma Programme is world-renowned is because the assessments given at the end of an IB course are standardized to international results. If one of our students earns a high mark, we know the quality and depth of their knowledge is comparable to that same score students received in another country.

For this reason, colleges and universities often award college credit to students who score high enough on the IB assessments (similar to AP exams). Please note: each college has different requirements. Please research each institution for more details.  

Students have to take the IB course in order to take the IB assessment. The following IB courses at YVHS could lead to college credit at the California UC or State University systems:

  • IB Language & Literature Higher Level (score of 5, 6, or 7)
  • IB Spanish Higher Level (score of 5, 6, or 7)
  • IB History of the Americas Higher Level (5, 6, or 7)
  • IB Biology Higher Level (5, 6, or 7)
  • IB Visual Arts Higher Level (5, 6, or 7)

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